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    Please welcome Krysta and her Top Banana Daytona RT to the club. Its been a while since we have seen a Banana in the group.



    Thanks for letting me join! I’ve lived in South Jersey for almost 7 years now. I have a 2006 Charger Daytona, which we bought after my Ram was totaled in a crazy accident. I had planned to buy another Ram, but I happened upon the Charger, and fell in love. She is my daily driver. You can tell she suffered a little abuse at the hands of a previous owner, so I always joke that this is her retirement. She’s well loved and taken care of now. We’re hoping to keep her going and in good shape so she can be passed to my son when he starts driving, and I’m planning on getting another Charger or a Challenger My husband has been an avid mopar lover most of his life. He was driving a green neon when I met him. He currently has an older Jeep Cherokee and a 1995 Dakota he is absolutely obsessed with, and has many grand plans for.



    Welcome to the club! Hope to see you at a event soon.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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