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Formed in May of 2007 by founder Dave VanderWekke, the NJ Charger Group™ was created to honor the heritage of one of the most well known muscle cars in the world. A club designed for both owners and enthusiasts regardless of model or features, we’re proud to see the club growing significantly to more than 150 members currently. Our purpose was to create a place on the web and in New Jersey, not only to bring Charger impassioned people together but also to use our passion to make a difference in our communities.

Since first introducing our group to the public in 2007, we have grown in popularity and decided to expand our club to cover all LX vehicles.  This includes Challengers, Chargers, Magnums and 300s.  With this expansion we decided to launch the NJ Mopar Group™ and bring the clubs in NJ together.

Since our inception we have participated in various car shows and cruises including the Central Jersey Auto Show sponsored by Motor Trend Auto Shows which is an affiliate of Motor Trends Magazine. More than 50% of club members are regularly active participants. An average of 8 to 25 Members have been present at show functions the group has attended. Every event encourages the growth of NJMG as we showcase our best member rides and the vendor’s responsible for the outstanding work.

We’re proud to say that all events we’ve participated in have resulted in portions of proceeds contributed to charity. Throughout each year we continue to raise money for our chosen charities as well as help other groups raise money for their charities. We are making it our goal to become involved with more charities in the future such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Make-A-Wish® Foundation, American Red Cross, Ronald McDonald House, and Muscular Dystrophy Association to name a few.

Our online forum is dedicated to providing a welcoming atmosphere for members to discuss and educate themselves on Charger, Challenger, Magnum or 300 related topics such as vehicle modifications, upgrades and more. Members are encouraged to join the discussion and keep in touch during times when no events are scheduled. Our devotion to the passion of muscle cars is evident in our logo which features a rendition of both the classic (1966-1977) and modern (2006-present) Dodge and Chrysler Vehicles.

Many Mopar® related websites are simply a web presence that doesn’t truly answer the call of the Mopar® enthusiast. We have made it our business to answer that call, going above and beyond the web to touch the lives of others, make a difference in our communities, bring together the families and friends of our dedicated members, and provide a lifetime home for Mopar® owners and enthusiasts alike.

Please make yourself at home… our home is your home!